NASMELagos is a best practices Business membership organization that use a combination of research, technology, and consulting to improve the performance of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Lagos and Nigeria.

Our dedicated team fined and forged the best new ideas and proven practices from across our vast network of Nigerian Business leaders. Then we customize and hardwire them into every member of our organization, creating enduring value. Interested in membership? Contact us.

Since NASME’s inception in 1996, we have grown from a small think tank and advocacy group in a single apartment into 26 States in Nigeria and the FCT. And while our impact on MSMEs has multiplied over the decades, our commitment to members has not changed.

Through our membership model, we collaborate with executives and their teams to find and implement the best solutions to their toughest challenges. We offer:

  • Evaluation: In-depth and cutting edge study of best practices
  • Research: Proven, actionable insights inspired by MSME’s most progressive organizations.
  • Technology: Analytics platforms that surface opportunities, hardwire best practices, and accelerate progress.
  • Consulting: Seasoned experts providing strategic, customized support.

Learn more about how we’re helping members transform their strategy, customer care, Product deliveryadministration and Marketing operations—and why organizations look to us as a strategic partner


  • Provide and disseminate useful and timely information for the advancement of its member businesses
  • Facilitate delivery of suitable credits to MSMEs through member financial Institutions, etc
  • Create public awareness of the role of MSMEs in National development
  • Properly co-ordinate MSME activities by interfacing with investors (local and foreign) and adopting strategic approach to issues bothering on the development and well-being of MSMES in Nigeria
  • Development and maintain a comprehensive date bank for MSMEs
  • Ensure and facilitate regular organization of workshops, seminars, lectures, summit and annual international conferences
  • Engage in the provision of practical technical support services to MSMEs and other corporate bodies, especially in the area of business consultancy
  • Sponsor members to trade missions abroad
  • Play more active role in policy advocacy on issues affecting MSMEs through
  • legislative and executive lobby as well as ensure proper representative and
  • participation in state and federal government special committees
  • Foster closer ties with international donor agencies like the IFC, UNIDO, UNDP, CIPE, ENABLE etc. and the World Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME)
  • Provide export promotion service and identification of markets for the products of MSMEs
  • Expose MSMEs to local and foreign markets through trade fair/exhibitions and rad shows
  • Identify and source appropriate technologies and relevant raw materials that can enhance the efficiency of MSMEs


The Nigerian Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (NASME National) was registered in 1996 as a Business Membership Organization (BMO) Not for Profit Organisation.

The Lagos State chapter being the most vibrant takes the lead in all activities to co-ordinate and promotes the growth and development of the MSME sector of the Nigerian economy. NASME was jointly conceived by promoters of MSMEs in the private sector and agencies of the federal government of Nigeria including the Bank of Industry, to serve as the apex organization that will coordinate MSME activities and interacts with local and foreign organizations whose services are vital to the development of MSMEs.

The Association provides a forum for interaction and adoption of a concerted approach to issues of strategic importance to the development of MSMEs. NASME is the only Nigerian private sector -led BMO affiliated to the World Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (WASME) enjoying consultative status with the United Nations. NASME is equally being assisted through strategic collaborations with UNIDO, UNDP, IFC, Federal Ministries, several embassies and bilateral Chambers of Commerce on its various projects. The Association is committed to further advancing the NASME brand by providing high-quality and responsive services and building and strengthening partnerships nationwide in order to better serve her members