In categorizing her membership, NASME adopts MSME classification based on dual criteria of employment and asset base according to the National Policy on MSMEs as follows;

Micro Member

Enterprises whose total assets (excluding land & buildings) are less than five million naira with a workforce not exceeding ten (10) employees. They Include start-ups, cottage enterprises, Sole Proprietorships, etc. They constitute the highest number of members.

Small Member

Enterprises whose total assets (excluding land and buildings) are above five million naira but not exceeding fifty million naira with a total workforce of above ten(10), but not exceeding forty-nine (49) employees. They include Partnerships, Limited liability companies etc.

Medium Member

Enterprises with total assets (excluding land and buildings) are above fifty million naira, but not exceeding five hundred million naira with a workforce of between fifty (50) and one ninety nine (199) employees.

Non MSME Membership Category Classified As Intuitional Members Are;

D. Associate Member
Organizations and institutions whose mandate includes support to the growth and development of the MSME sector public / private sector organizations offering support services to the MSME sub-sector of the economy including financial institutions, research institutions, developmental agencies, private sector organizations, government agencies/parastatals, non-governmental organizations, co-operative societies, donor agencies etc.

Registration Procedure

To become a registered member of NASME, obtain a membership registration form on-line or from NASME secretariat. Complete the form based on the requirement for your membership category. Submit the completed form with relevant supporting documents along with appropriate registration fee and annual subscription dues. Note that payment must be by cheque addressed to NASME Lagos or by bank deposit to:

Account Name: NASME Lagos,
Account Number: 0001717863,
Bank Name: Union Bank Plc., Tinubu Branch, Lagos.

An official NASME receipt will be issued for all payments made.
For more information; contact NASME Lagos Secretariat on Tel:08111852200.