NASME Lagos Women Chapter

Welcome to the Nigerian Association of Small and Medium Enterprise Lagos Chapter women. The most vibrant platform for women entrepreneurs with a specific focus on creating enabling environment to ensuring the growth and sustainability of  women led or owned businesses in Lagos Nigeria.


We create a launching pad for serious minded women in entrepreneurship for:

  • Initial support process of transition from paid employment to self-employment
  • Incorporation of business and certification of business products.
  • Business to business networking
  • Premium Consulting, advisory and business linkage opportunity
  • Training, mentoring and modeling support
  • National Policy Research and Development Advocacy
  • Local and international business tourism opportunity
  • Sourcing and partnering with financial institutions for funding


  • NASMELagos Monthly MSMEs Forum at FIIRO Oshodi (General)
  • NASMELagos Business Roundtable (General)
  • Women in Agricultural Business
  • Women in Manufacturing Business
  • Women in Consulting Business
  • Trading Women in product chain supply
  • Women in Education Business.
  • Women In ICT Business
  • Women in Medical and health Business
  • Women in Entertainment (Event planning, management, catering and Decorations, urshering etc)
  • Women in Entertainment