NASME Youth Chapter.

Recently, NASME became a board member of newly constituted 22 member SMEDAN board. This has led to the creation of this platform which serves as a strategic part of NASME National Nation Building Strategy designed to catch them young even from the cradle, aggregate, empower, monitor, mentor, and graduates conscientious young business male and female as well as about providing the support needed to be successful in business. Membership of the organization is opened to all Nigerian young entrepreneurs including aspiring entrepreneurs from the ages 18-45.


Support on Capacity Building Programs.

With the support of partners and other stakeholder, these programs include but are not limited to, business and entrepreneurship funding programs, business skills training and educational programs, vocational skills and apprenticeship.

Access to Funding.

NASMELagos cooperative is already providing business linkage services for young entrepreneurs with other members in micro, small and medium businesses that require funding and mentoring.

Access to Market.

NASME is the only association existing in 26 states with an extensive support partnership network which includes but not limited to Federal and State Government and the organized private sector leadership ready to patronize the products and services of youth . The Youth Wing is an ideal platform for young entrepreneurs who want to remain competitive and who wish to build sustainable business models over the long term.

Access to Technology

The Youth-Wing works to ensure that every member has access to reliable technology and the internet by exploring innovative programs, coordinating and supporting nationwide projects through developing public and private partnerships. NASMELagos has relationships with financial institutions and other community business and organizations to provide discounted hard wares, computers with payments spread over a year. The Secretariat also offer the use of its training room at discounted rate with virtual offices, mifi (mini wifi) internet connection during meetings and trainings.

The Entrepreneurship Network

Once becoming a member, the nationwide membership strength becomes your new business family to explore. You get invited to attend cross country programs and free to take up projects and collaborate on projects as well. In addition you can participate in online Entrepreneurship Clinics, Webinars, business forums and market place engagements in an effort to build our skills and promote your business further.